Our bivalve repertoire

Baywater Sweet Oysters

There is something extraordinary about our signature product. A deep cup, firm body and mouth-watering finish only scrape the surface of our delicious adaptation of the Pacific oyster. Each Sweet is aqua-cultivated via a distinct bag-on-beach approach with ultra-frequent bag flipping and rinsing. This aqua-synergy gives the Baywater Sweet a sturdy shell, succulent meat, and invigorating liquor.

Salish Blue Clams

Named after a dazzling blue interior shell, these Savory clams are rich and full in flavor. We hand-dig these clams to meet demand, allowing them to then purge for several days via suspended cages in the nutritious waters of Thorndyke Bay.

Manila Clams

Tender, sweet, and buttery in flavor, our Manilas are grown in partially-buried mesh cages for almost two years before we harvest and allow a purge before delivery.

Cultured Geoduck

Noted for their light-colored siphons and bright, sturdy shells, Baywater geoducks are acclaimed in Asian markets for their crisp flavor and striking appearance. After precise planting by hand, our baby geoduck lie protected in mesh tubes for approximately two years. Once the geoducks are larger and able to burrow deep enough, we remove the mesh tubes, allowing the geoducks to reach market-ready maturity in a more natural habitat.