Enjoy Baywater Sweet Oysters from Thorndyke Bay

Fresh. Beautiful. Bivalves.

Pristine ocean quality, revitalizing tides, and plankton-rich waters – all essential elements of the great Pacific Northwest that comprise the character and flavor of our Baywater Sweet™ oysters, Salish Blue™ clams, Manila clams and geoducks. We are the Baywater Shellfish Company, a ‘deep-green’, family-run shellfish farm located in Thorndyke Bay, and we are committed to simple, sustainable and environmentally-sensitive culture and harvest methods.

Are you searching for the Pacific Northwest’s tastiest shellfish? You’ve come to the right place.

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Sustainably-grown and hand-harvested oysters, clams, and geoduck. Truly the taste of the place: tide-swept shellfish beds and the windy waters of Thorndyke Bay.

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We believe in offering the best quality shellfish. Hand-picked. Just for you.