Shucking your first oyster is like winning the lottery.

(we think it is, at least!)

Your objective is to sever the adductor muscle and separate the two shells holding the sweet meat that awaits you inside. The adductor muscle, located in the middle of the oyster, is doing its best to hold the top and bottom shells together.


To Begin the process,

don a protective glove and cradle the oyster in your non-dominant hand, with the flat surface of the oyster facing upwards, and the hinge (i.e., pointy end) of the oyster facing towards you. With a firm grasp, insert the tip of the shucking knife between the shells at the hinge of the oyster.

Slowly work the knife in

maintaining steady pressure until you feel the knife firmly in place between the two shells.

Once Inserted,

like turning a key in a lock, gently twist the knife about a half turn until you hear a “pop”, which indicates the oyster shells being forced apart.

Now, Slowly (and carefully!)

drive the knife further between the shells, doing your best to keep the blade in contact with the inside of the top shell and to not disturb the tasty meat resting in the bottom shell. Remember -- you are severing the adductor muscle, which attaches at the center-right of the top shell. Once it is in far enough, scrape the knife across the top shell until you feel the shells begin to separate further as the adductor muscle is detached.

Gently Free The Muscle From the bottom Shell,

leaving the oyster meat for you to slurp.